Welcome to the European speechnutrients Site


This site is focused on the effective use of Speak in combination with both Hericor-MRL and IntestAid IB to provide essential nutrients for children and adults with developmental disorders.  

IntestAid IB reduces intestinal tract inflammation that leads to improved uptake of the essential nutrients provided by Speak products (Speak Twist Capsules and Speak Smooth).

Hericor-MRL is being proven to reduce brain inflammation by increasing Lipoxin A4 activity and thereby increasing anti-oxidant activity.

This gastro-intestinal improvement may improve motility in the digestive system and indirectly improve the absorption of Speak; which in turn improves

Imitation                           Coordination                    Eye Contact                       Behaviour

Sensory Issues                 Pain sensation                  Speech

Supplementation levels for each product is provided in this site.





NourishLife is the recipient of the "Outstanding Application in Health Management" award at the 2012

Nutraceutical Business & Technology Awards on May 23, 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland.