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Developed by the United Kingdom based Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd ( ), Hericor-MRL is a combination product that supports the repair of intestinal "villi", which are responsible for effective absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Hericor-MRL is available in  tubs of 250 g powder with a 2 g spoon.


Enzyme Nutrition to Maintain

Healthy Digestive System

What is Hericor-MRL?

Hericor-MRL is a powder combination of two mushroom biomasses ( Coriolus versicolor (50%) and Hericium erinaceus (50%)), jointly providing three important enzyme functions that promote healthy digestion. The functions are:


Enzymes that prevent oxidative stress


-Lacasse actitivty

-Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) activity


Enzymes that prevent celluar growth


-Protease activity

-Glucoseamylase activity


Enzyme that promote detoxification


-Peroxidase activity

-Cytochrome P-450 activity

-Cytochrome P-450 reductase activity


The combined effect of the aformentioned eznyme activities is the promotion of the healthy digestive system that may be compromised when the digestive "villi" are not functioning in a proper fashion.


What is the role of "villi" in the digestive system and presence in small versus large intestine?


The nutrient absorption in the small intestine is conducted by the "villi". The "villi" are microsopic intrusions into the small intestine which are covered by with epithelial cells respnsible for the absorption of nutrients and transfer them into the blood stream. These epithelial cells have a lifespan of three to five days and require enzyme support to assist in their replacement.


The large intestine does not contain "villi" but handles the absorption of water and bacteria.


Which digestive disorders can compromise the function of the “villi” in the small intestine?

Digestive systems are compromised by disorders like:

Þ coelaic disease

Þ Crohn´s disease

Þ ulcerative colitis

Þ irritable bowel disease (IBS)

These disorders reduce the vital surface area of absorptive cell area of the “villi” and have a damaging effect on the digestive system.


How can enzyme therapy in the form of Hericor-MRL maintain healthy digestive function?

a) Reducing oxidative stress caused by compromised "villi".

b) Increasing detoxificaiton of the digestive tract.

c) Inhibiting those cellular factors responsible for compromising the "villi".

Besides Hericor-MRL supporting a healthy digestive function what other studies have been conducted with reference to the ingredients? 

a) Reduction in neuroinflammation:

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b) Increase in neurogenic reserve:

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c) Prebiotic Activity  

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What is the supplementation schedule for Hericor-MRThe supplementation schedule assumes a 65 kgs person and the supplementation is the following: 
































4 g/day









200 g































 It is recommended that Hericor-MRL® is taken at breakfast and mixed with yogurt or cereal. It is not recom-mended to take with citric juices as this will deplete the enzyme activity of the product.

 In 5% of cases, Hericor-MRL® may provoke a diarrhoea, which if persists after 5 days, the use of Hericor-MRL® should be discontinued

When taken with Speak, it is recommended that Hericor-MRL should be taken for one week prior to commencing Speak supplementation to increase the efficacy of Speak supplementation.